Free Pro Traffic Terms Of Service
Please read carefully

This agreement is a binding agreement between you the member and Free Pro Traffic.
By becoming a member you have agreed to be bound by this agreement, as well as future updates or changes to it.
Free Pro Traffic reserves the right to update and change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

* Free Pro Traffic provides an advertising service for online marketers for the promotion of their business by exchanging traffic with other members.

It is not intended for Free Pro Traffic to be used as a primary business and although we may, from time to time, offer small cash prizes to members using the site these are not to be interpreted as an earning opportunity. Any member deemed by admin, to be using the site solely to collect these small cash prizes will have their account deleted with the loss of all credits, impressions and commissions.

* No website is to be displayed at Free Pro Traffic that contains offensive, adult or copyrighted material. Free Pro Traffic is a family safe exchange and all content must reflect this.
* Any website that breaks the surf frame will be deleted and the member responsible for its submission will have their account deleted.
* Rotators may be used at Free Pro Traffic but it is the responsibility of the member submitting them to ensure that all sites in the rotator comply with these terms.
* No sites with illegal activity are permitted
* Sites are NOT to contain viruses, trojans or spyware.
* No HYIP's or investment autosurfs are permitted.
* Sitename has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate or questionable.
* All sites must be in english

*Any purchase made at Free Pro Traffic is completed electronically and instantly, including commissions paid when appropriate, and therefor NO REFUNDS are possible.
* It is the members responsibility to manage the cancelation of subscriptions if they are no longer required. Failing to cancel a recurring subscription is the members responsibility and no refunds will be given if the subscription rebills. Filing a dispute with paypal over this matter, initiating a chargeback or not received dispute will result in the deletion of your account at all our sites and a report will be sent to other owners.

FreeProTraffic is under new ownership and management. All commissions generated after March 30th, 2016, will be available for payouts. All commissions prior to March 30th, 2016, may be used for internal purchases. * To receive commissions at Free Pro Traffic members must use their real names in their profile.
* Commissions are paid at least once per month at the end of each month but extra payments will be made at the discretion of admin.
* The minimum balance for a member to receive payment is $20.01 but admin can withhold payment if a member is suspected of cheating, using a bot, or not keeping to the purpose of use at Free Pro Traffic
* Any member that appears to be earning cash by surfing, as an income, will have their account deleted. Any decision made by admin regarding this situation will be made after studying the surf habits of the member. The decision of admin will then be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

* Free Pro Traffic is not responsible for any lost credits, any damages or loss of data, or any other problems associated with using our services. You agree to use our service at your own risk.
* Free Pro Traffic reserves the right to de-activate or remove accounts if a member is not using the site for it's true purpose.
* You agree to maintain a functioning e-mail address in your profile. One autoresponse message from your account is grounds for your account to be deleted.
* By signing up as a member at Free Pro Traffic you are agreeing to receive notifications from admin regarding offers, deals and member information and/or advice. Unsubscribing from mails will be understood by admin by admin as a request to delete your account.
* FREE member accounts that have been inactive for 3 months or more will be deleted.

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